Boca Grande Slam

Fishing has been great! Weather has been beautiful and seems some of the pressure are off these fish which means so much! been hooking good tarpon and great snook in the back country. The Tarpon have been great on the beaches and in the back country before and now after the big moon in June.  I have had the pleasure of having alot of quality clients on the bow of my boat lately and we hit our first boca grande slam the other day with satrtinbg the morning off with 2 great snook on plugs and the a trout and 3 redfish in the same area! So we decided to make our way across the harbour to see if we could pick up some smaller tarpon! sure enough! 1 bites jumped off and then one finally stayed buttoned! Not a huge tarpon but none the less set out for our slam and got it! congrats Rick!! It is really nice when a plan comes together. I asked a fellow guide how his Tarpon season has been shaping up? he made a lot of sense when he said “Some tuff days followed by some days of pure badass” haha. Big tarpon are not a given with a 9foot fly rod and some chicken feathers but when all lines up it is the most magical thing in the anglers world!  They should come back hungry with there travel off shore to spawn last week. I have always found the tarpon bite magical after the big moon in June. The snook have still been fantastic with them staying in the passes and in the beaches along with the mangroves next to big water! My fishing continues to be great after the so called “end” of tarpon season in July. That is when Snook and Redfish come onto the flats all over and great months to continue the Grande Slam!