Monster Snook Migration

Once I feel that temperature in the air drop we know its time for these monster snook to make their way off the beaches and passes and find winter and fall spots in the back country and Rivers, this means a lot will be stacked up in the mouths of bays and creeks. Due to their preference to ambush prey, the majority of fly fishing for snook is done by casting along mangrove shorelines and bars in Bull and Turtle Bay. Accurate casts under and around the mangrove islands are a must. In shallow water, they are found lying motionless which makes a well placed fly the ideal bait for this situation. They are aggressive and feeders that will smash a noisy top water lure worked around the mangroves. We’ve been catching great fish on either side of the tide. I fish them with top water plugs and soft plastics later in the day! Bone and Chrome is the name of the game when it comes to plug fishing! Rick and Chris were on a full day trip yesterday and caught over 15 snook on top water in the first hour with 3 of them being monsters over 32 inches!! then we went on to catch over 20 trout and jacks on soft plastics.  This is such a great time of year with schools of giant redfish moving around the harbor and big trout coming onto the flats. so come on down to Boca Grande Outfitters and come fishing with me and this beautiful weather!

See you in paradise!

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