Redfish Spawn!

We have some afternoon rain on a daily basis and the water temperature is falling, which means its redfish time! We have some great schools of fish on numerous flats at the moment and big ones too with some huge fish in them! we’ve  been seeing 2 and 3 schools of 100+ big redfish on a daily basis now. Most of these fish are ocean redfish and live most of the year offshore only to come into 2-3 feet of water to eat and spawn. You will see these fish pushing a wake that look similar to a boat wake! it is very easy to double and triple hook up when found! They are eating a variety of flies as well as top water lures and subsurface plugs! They are so much fun and rival some good tarpon fish with all the action, i just love seeing 50 tails pop up at once, what a sight. The juvenile tarpon fishing is still good as well, The snook fishing has been strong early and late in the day as well as trout in between. hope to see you soon

Come on down to paradise!