Tall Tales

This is that time of year for most anglers that the transition to the super shallow waterside starting to happen. My favorite time of the year, it’s time to hunt fish! If you really take your time on a shallow grass flat on a calm morning your likely to see some tails of redfish waving at you. Tailing redfish for me is one of the greatest sporting event I have ever been involved with, it’s stalking a wild animal that does not know you are there and then delivering a none than less prefect and I mean perfect cast. Don’t line him, don’t go to far left or right. Right on him! I like
to start my false cast as he’s waving and by the time he drops his tail (to move) it is in front of his face! Like I said before perfect cast, it really helps to throw at targets on dry land.
Along with great redfish action, huge trophy snook are around bunched up waiting on this weather to change (I hope it doesn’t) I think they are slightly confused by this warm weather and cooler nights. Nice trout are available on the grass flats as well.
We look forward to fishing with you this season and if you need to brush up on your casting please let us know!