Tarpon Season Is Here!

Well those great afternoon tides are back. Tarpon are being caught in the pass and some in the back country. I am still in snook mode and will continue to fish these giants on and off through tarpon season. One of the ONLY months our flat is not getting beat up on a regular basis, its nice to see the fish do what they are suppose to. A friend and i went out for 3 hours and caught over 5 snook over 30 inches with one nearing 40! This was all on plugs, due to the wind we could not get the fly to them. But man where they smashing the top water plugs on the outgoing tide in the cuts! Its been great fishing lately with a lot of parent and children trips just looking to have fun!

I had Andrew on my boat with his mother and he was so excited and had so many questions about the snook and tarpon he had been watching on T.V. he could hardly contain himself on the ride out to the flat. When we caught a couple trout he was having fun, then we hooked a 30+inch snook and the fight was on, 9 year old Andrew got so nervous it was cool and landed him and many other fish for some photos for his Dad! love taking kids fishing! always an adventure!

Happy Tarpon Season!

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