Upcoming Fishing Season!


Here is a look at the upcoming fishing season!

September-February (Boca Grande)

Will be a great time to target big snook, all tarpon sizes, redfish, jack crevalle on the outside of ten-thousand islands and in the rivers feeding into the Charlotte Harbor area. The bait will be pushed nearshore which causes the game fish to school up on the bait balls including large tarpon smashing through bait on the right tides. We will also be hunting laid-up large snook and small tarpon in the deepest part of Boca Grande.  Will target snook and tarpon on fly and plug gear.

(Boca Grande / Charlotte Harbor)
The annual tarpon migration and resident tarpon time of year in Boca Grande. This is as good as tarpon fishing gets in my opinion. You can find tarpon in all different situations and target them with fly and plug gear. One the right weather you can look in one bay and think there is more tarpon there than anyplace in the world, free jumping, slashing mullet, and eating flies and plugs. This is the best place in the world to catch your first tarpon as they are more forgiving.
My favorite time of the year!