Bass Fishing on Steroids!!

Well back into the back country hammering snook, Redfish and trout with some good plug casters! I always enjoy when clients come to me from bass fishing with top water plugs! I always say it is bass fishing on steroids! We have been catching them great early in the mornings and late in the evenings on zara spooks and luck craft gunfish. there is really nothing as productive as fishing with top water plugs because you can cover so much ground being poled down a mangrove line in search of some big snook and redfish! Not to mention the take is incredible. My client said he really gets bored sitting in the same hole with bait waiting on the fish to come by, so why not go find the fish instead of sitting around waiting for them to find you?  July-October are some great plug months, not to mention great months to get inshore or grande slams. Hunter pictured here with his inshore slam in a 6 hour trip!  hope to see you soon!