I've known and fished with Skip more times than I can recall. I've caught my two biggest snook fishing with Skip. He is skilled, knowledgeable, personable and will make your day on the water enjoyable and educational. You'll be glad you fished with Skip!
Dusty Sprague

Tarpon get all the credit- they grow to be giants that swim in shallow water and eat tiny flies. But anyone who has fished in Southwest Florida for years knows a big snook is the real trophy. I always tell most of my friends and clients that I would rather land a 40 inch snook than a 150lb tarpon on the fly any day, and the simple reason is it is harder to do day in and day out.

Snook are that fish that you don’t know how they’re going to act when they see a fly 3 feet in front of them. They are very unpredictable when they get to trophy size, but I have a great ability to help clients learn how to feed and fight them. When they decide to eat, its on! But other times it takes some coaxing, like a cat and mouse game. They need to chase it down and think that bug may get away from them.

They are a beautiful, smart, strong fish and can be found in environments most other saltwater trophies are not, and that is the super shallow environment in the back of no-mans land. It is a very personal experience to me- wading through super shallow flats and back into creek systems, stalking these monsters. I love walking to the ends of the earths where most guides will never fish to find those happy fish that will readily eat a well presented fly. It makes for a serene and peaceful morning.

I have dedicated my life to these snook and yes if there is one fish I could catch for the rest of my life it would be the snook. I love to watch them smash a top water plug or surface fly, as they are designed to eat upwards. Let me share a true passion of mine and come snook fishing with me to see what its all about – be it in Charlotte Harbor or Boca Grande. Lets go!

Snook fishing is good throughout the entire season with the Winter months (Dec-Feb) best for wade fishing shallow water creeks and flats. In the Spring and Fall you can find these giants in lots of bigger bays and cuts; these are usually poled without the motor, and can be taken on fly, plug or soft plastic. Summer is time to stalk or pole the beaches and around the bigger passes, a great time to get a shot at a fish in crystal clear water.