Fall Migration

Kicking off November with a bang, Bonito and schools of Mackerel are on the Gulf side and a lot of fun on the fly. This is happening because of the transition of bait from the back country to the deeper water in the gulf. The bait is so thick on the gulf right now there is all kinds of pelagic fish around and client Paul Williams and I caught over 100 fish on the fly including Bonito, Mackerel and Bluefish. With this transition period of bait the large snook begin their fall migration east into the creeks and rivers, these next couple weeks will be the real magic time to sight-cast large snook on the fly while they are making their way to winter time hiding spots! There is nothing quiet like seeing a trophy snook laid up and making the right cast to move that fish onto your fly, that is what it is all about. I like a small stained brown fly this time of year to match the water color. We will begin setting up fly tying demos this year at BGO to get back to the basics, the only connection we have to these fish is the fibers and feathers we have tied onto a hook. We look forward to seeing everyone at the shop this season!

Report brought to you by Paul Ray

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