Fishing Report 9/24/2017

South Florida is moving forward with the Irma cleanup and this is a great time to take a guided fishing trip to support the local economy.  Boca Grande park entrance remains closed with hopes of opening this next week, with Boca Grande still being accessed  by much of the Keys at this point.

Boca Grande area remains with some tannic water but the fishing is heating up with plugs and top water flies early and late in the days. We are looking forward to amazing fall fishing in Charlotte Harbour along with 10k islands and Boca Grande. When one of these big storms wash through estuaries like these it is a re-set and the fish will remain hungry and aggressive throughout the fall season in all areas effected, it’s going to be amazing fishing the next 3-4 months!

We have been throwing top water plugs for search baits to find areas where these large snook and redfish have pushed into, now that we have seen some great fishing in our backcountry areas we can work the edges with blind-casting white baitfish patterns along with poppers and gurglers’. When you find the smaller tarpon this time of year you can depend on them using those same edges and creeks for the next month or so until the water temperatures begins to fall. Tailing redfish on the low – incoming water will become more consistent as the fall moves in and the temperatures start to cool. The bait-balls has moved in from offshore and will be getting ‘blitzed’ in the coming weeks with Spanish mackerel, Bonito, And Jack Crevelle.
Again now is time to support the local economy’s  that were effected by Irma and booking a Florida fly fishing guide is a great way to do so!