Tarpon is King and Snook are hungry!!

From here until the wintertime in Boca Grande will be some of the best fishing of mine and my clients life. My goal is to make an anglers dream come true here in beautiful Charlotte Harbor and the Beaches surrounding Boca Grande! There is nothing like patience when it comes to sight casting to huge pods of Tarpon moving down the beaches in crystal clear waters on our sand bars! I had a new tarpon fly fisherman the other day ask, “will I be able to see them when they are coming down” as we were staked out waiting on strings of fish. They look like cruising submarines with their black backs cruising in 3 -5 foot of water over my special bars!! nothing like seeing them crush a fly in real time. Not a lot of other tarpon situations can u see a tarpon open his mouth and eat a fly or bait and turn just to flash like a 150# river trout on Steroids!! that’s the real juice, its the best bite in the game…  The snook fishing is unreal as well, we all chase a snook dream on the fly or plug to get that real trophy and only chase them in the fall or winter…NOW is the time to target a trophy snook on the fly or plug! I love this time of year and feel so very fortunate to share this with people.


Monster Snook!
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